Aware of the growing social power of logos and symbols, Stelleconfuse makes use of contemporary trends by opting for a simple tool, which benefits from immediate perspicuity, to imbue his practice with universal content and meaning.

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About Stelleconfuse

Considered as one of the main sticker artists in Italy, Stelleconfuse is an artist who keeps pace with the rhythm of his time and the city in which he intervenes: his work is modern, immediate, fresh, poppy in style, metaphorical in thought.
The intrinsic efficacy of artistic practice is brought to its maximum exasperation, when the image exploits its adhesive capacity to mark street corners and intercept distracted passersby. His Plant-a-Tree project is a polemical means against the unrestrained cementification of urban areas, against building speculation, and against the indifferent attitude of the media.
His combo-stickers, in which the figures of the world's most famous sticker- artists are superimposed, represent an exercise of style through which several voices come together in a single mental and figurative representation.
Other artist's works
Plant a Tree resistance
2019 / Modena, Italy
Plant a Tree and Read your Future!
2021 / L'Aquila, Italy
Plant a Tree - Plant Energy
2020 / Palermo, Italy