Dissenso Cognitivo


Dissenso Cognitivo

Dissenso Cognitivo’s sci-fi images are a visual paraphrase of the dehumanizing symptoms of postmodernity. Hidden under the bed or desperate in moments of nocturnal insomnia, his profound monsters are also ours.


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About Dissenso Cognitivo

Cognitive Dissent lives in a future as dystopian as it is believable, its visceral creatures hybrid mixtures of horror scenarios and children’s science books.

Organic creatures, machine remnants, rusty textures, that D-C’s penchant for the macabre: they all have served and continue to serve his aesthetic of torment. The gritty interweavings in his works create ambiguous suggestions: muscular overlaps or animal carcasses? Alien subjectivities or neo-futuristic technologies?

Like a nightmare releasing monsters, fears and the most distant tensions, his signs of unrest capture the present and provoke new questions inherent to urban practice, between freedom of expression and censorship, public and private space, evasion and isolation. Dissenso Cognitivo is an individualistic collective, a science fiction reality, an algebra of the obscure.

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