Landscapes of Tuscany

17 October 2022 - 5 November 2022

Abitare Toscana Ltd requested the action of Street Levels Gallery for a social housing project to be allocated to a residential area in the Le Piagge district of Florence. The choice fell on James Vega, an artist with wild and vibrant gestures who – with the use of rods, brushes and colors – coming face to face with the wall, marked the sky of our lands, from the brightest dawn to the darkest night. The environment immediately turned into a familiar place, marking a really promising start. James was able to listen to space, redesigning it according to his colorful vision.

"I approached the wall observing the variation of the light, playing with the shadows, studying the angles of the wall according to the trajectories of passers-by and, above all, experiencing the context." - James Vega

Landscapes of Tuscany was welcomed with participation and interest by the inhabitants of the condominium and the neighborhood, who interacted with us and the artist exchanging reflections, leaving some suggestions, offering coffee and fresh beers. An intervention designed with care for a place of our territory and for the people who inhabit it.

Mural Address

Via Padre Ernesto Balducci 50145, Firenze (FI) Italia


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