Fabio Petani


Fabio Petani

Fabio Petani describes his work as a contemporary botanical archive, an imaginary book that neither has a beginning nor a conclusion because the organic complexity of the universe and its atomic knowledge are limitless.


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About Fabio Petani

Fabio Petani was born in the summer of 1987 and with him the alchemical combination of art, chemistry, and nature.

His studies of literature and philosophy in Turin brought his artistic investigation closer to the primordial characters of existence, in an irreducible attempt to dissolve the dichotomy between esotericism and exact science. The visual narrative of the herbarium and the plant world is always accompanied by the nomenclature of an element, inviting people to transcend the essence of the natural world between poetry, specific weights and visionary forms.

Petani’s phytomorphic works resemble each other in the harmony of lines and volumes, in the elegance of soft colors, in the refraction of their own measure through fragments and geometric details. In the architecture of numerous Italian capitals and other international cities – such as London, Bristol, Bordeaux, Munich and Kiev – the artist’s floral compositions take root and evolve in a spontaneous search for new alchemies with the territory.

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