Through his art, Fone explores the relationship between the animal and urban environment, giving life to fluorescent monstrous creatures that live in the recesses of the city.


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About Fone

Fone is an artist from Florence, known for his monstrous and surreal creatures that inhabit the urban underworld of underpasses and streets in the city.

Fone started doing graffiti in 2006, entering the scene through various participations in jams, exhibitions, and performances. After studying pictorial illustration, the artist began to develop characters that were increasingly close to the miniature universe of insects, which today are a characteristic element of his style.

The artist’s expressive territory has further evolved in recent years, moving towards tattoos, which have allowed him to express his vision of the world in an even more personal way. His passion for tattoos has inevitably also influenced his painting work, absorbing Japanese influences related to tattoo culture. The result of Fone’s work is a fantastic imagery in which dreams and magic burst into everyday life, using colorful characters to transform the mundane arrangement of the urban elements that surround us.

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