Geometric Bang


Geometric Bang

Geometric is the aesthetic premise, Bang the explosive promise. Geometric Bang is like a switch that turns on the light of the cities with its own creative charge.


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About Geometric Bang

The artist name is his declaration of intent. Born in 1984 in Lodi, Geometric Bang rebels against the gray skies of his hometown by pursuing a personal artistic research on polychromy.

The almost scientific balance of geometries and the tonal explosion of colors create a unique, complex and vibrant body. The graphic elements are knotted in a chromatic thicket from which figures, profiles, and faces dissolve, which tell their own stories: Geometric Bang’s forms never collide, but fit together and find new beginnings and conclusions in their expressive synthesis.

Geometric Bang is a generator of irreverent figures and vivid patterns, mechanically composed and full of fantastic suggestions. With his visual alphabet that moves between abstraction and figuration, the artist listens to the needs of the territory and translates them into surreal images; his works breathe in the two-dimensionality of the drawing and transpire the everyday life around.

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