Hogre’s countercultural graphics are works of boycott, adbusting, provocation. A radical antagonism to the economy of illusion, to the morally unacceptable.


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About Hogre

Cultivated and radical, authentic and sophisticated, Hogre is the creative monster of street art.

With his subversive humor, he established himself in 2006 as a militant advocate of subvertising: the grammar of consumption is hijacked, the function of objects is overturned, advertising spaces are disturbed with the weapon of disenchantment. Hogre’s creative vandalism is realized in the rewriting of society through a situationism, which is revisited in a very contemporary way.

The complex operation of reframing the logics of political-commercial propaganda unwinds between gender and sexuality, religion and morality, conceptual places of criticism and short-circuit. Hogre insinuates himself into the kitsch capitalist aesthetics of numerous Italian and European cities, not to proselytize, not to launch a solution. Hogre undresses the imperative of consumption to the point of nakedness, revealing that freedom of choice is only a pseudo-truth.

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