They are not graphics for the opening of a new cycle shop in the city, nor are they advertising campaigns for auto wrecking companies. Hopnn’s works depict vehicles while simultaneously conveying resources of thought, thematic vectors, and heterogeneous topics.


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About Hopnn

Ancona was his birthplace, Florence offered him work opportunities, but Rome was the urban reality responsible for his education and creative trauma: the city’s traffic congestion leads his artistic interpretation to an engaged, iconic and sometimes enigmatic thematic identity.

White and red are his chromatic signature, given to dynamic, fluctuating characters, assembled together like mechanical objects, struggling to free themselves among wrecks and destroyed cars, traced by details and filling patterns.

Hopnn’s works are conceptual actions; in the dismantling of cars, in the sharing of the same tandem, in the classic collision between actors on the street, one can read the processes of abstraction, circulation, exchange, the meeting of ideas and human knowledge.

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