Il Sedicente Moradi


Il Sedicente Moradi

For Moradi, the suggestions of citizens are both testimonies and simultaneously revelations. With his intimate and domestic sensibility, he has generated an art of recovery, of the everyday, of the essential.


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About Il Sedicente Moradi

Florence, 1980. This is Sedicente Moradi’s Once upon a time.

Sedicente Moradi, who came into contact with comics and painting during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, finds his imprint in the wild poetry of nature, which gives an original breath to his way of intervening in the urban environment. A collector of wooden pieces and surrogates, an assembler of branches, leaves and shrubs, a lover of the environment and its forms.

Moradi is craftsman, demiurge, connector. Moradi builds without ever destroying. Moradi composes. Not a piece of music, not a poetic text. Moradi creates wooden compositions, recovering pieces of nature in a state of abandonment. The progenitor of animal lilies, skeletal bodies, mechanical hearts: the Sedicente Moradi holds the paternity of a narrative of the organic, of a gentle care for the discarded, of a renewed dignity for everything that wears human measure.

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