Knights, Nightmares and Ghosts

Knights, Nightmares and Ghosts

March 24, 2017 – April 6, 2017

Roman illustrator Camilla Falsini was hosted at Street Levels Gallery from March 24 to April 6, 2017 to share her work from the past few years in her solo exhibition “Cavalieri, Incubi e Fantasmi” (Knights, Nightmares and Ghosts).Since the artist began making sculptures with wood, their minimal lines have also influenced her paintings and illustrations, which have moved towards an extreme simplification of forms.

One of her heartfelt themes, which is also central here, is the ridicule of conflicts. In particular, those wars that are waged to rule over others, whether for religious, cultural or economic reasons. The people who participate in these wars are portrayed as combative, but also somehow ridiculous and definitely pompous.

With this project Camilla Falsini wants to deconstruct the image of the enemy as we know it. She argues that those we see as enemies are only the mirror of the fears that reside within us. Another theme, detached from this, that the artist brings to the exhibition is “I can be a frog”, with which she represents the theory of evolution and the connection between species, with the aim of explaining that man is an animal like and among others, not above the others.



Via Palazzuolo 74ar
 50123, Firenze (FI)


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