The abstract design represents the only communicative synthesis
which is able to exemplify the deep introspection of the artist.


About Kraita317

Kraita317, artist based in Florence since 2018. Born in the Romanian town of Brasov in 1996, he grew up and trained as a self-taught artist with his own crew of writers, translating his inner world through visual language.

When he was 12 years old, he found himself running for about 2 km on a railway line being chased by the police, but his memory is that of an adrenaline-fueled moment, of a stubborn desire to dialogue with the city.

The city soon becomes his home and urban action a necessity. Abstract drawing represents the only communicative synthesis that is able to exemplify his deep introspection. Kraita has decisively chosen his own art name, identical to his biographical name because his art practice and his life are likewise identical and inseparable.

Painting means investigating, researching, digging deeper; for the artist, the conclusion of a work often corresponds to finding the answer. However, regardless of his own rational order, Kraita always chooses the street and, therefore, other people to share a piece of his humanity with the viewers.

Careless passersby, serial frequenters of suburban areas, casual visitors, and street art hunters are the recipients of the questions and reflective inputs intrinsic to his work.

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