Leonardo Borri


Leonardo Borri

Leonardo Borri’s art is made up of possible existences, inviting reflection on society and a critical and self-ironic view of the world.


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About Leonardo Borri

Leonardo Borri, born in 1989 in the hills of Florence, is a versatile artist with a strong passion for painting and Street Art.

After spending his youth in the city, he attended the Art Institute of Florence where he developed his skills in etching and watercolor. However, it was during this period that his passion for Street Art was born, which allowed him to deepen his artistic research in a unique and original way. His art creates a connection between the surfaces on which he works, capturing the viewer’s attention with its power and immediacy.

In the last ten years, Leonardo has made tattooing his main profession, working steadily in Florence and collaborating with various tattoo studios in Italy, Europe, and the United States. His art has evolved, becoming increasingly significant and powerful, both through murals and tattoos. For him, painting on walls and tattooing are two interdependent disciplines, capable of influencing each other.


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