April 8, 2022

After presenting the Mep with its subversive approach and Criticity as a popular project, Street Levels Gallery returns to talk about the city with a cultural reality that is now a virtuous model for the conversion of disused spaces of our territory: Lumen.
To reach this innovative practice of land management, however, critical aspects were not lacking. For this reason, Street Levels Gallery invited Cristina, Alessandro and Arianna from Lumen Firenze.

Lumen is an open place, autonomous, sustainable, an area dedicated to the co-design and protection of urban green.

Promoting the transfer of good practices and a collaborative posture for their development is the fundamental premise to build the city we want: alive, open and participating.


URBANSCAPES is the new divulgative format that Street Levels Gallery and the association A Testa Alta dedicate to the story of the Florentine cultural ecosystem. A window that opens on all the local organizations – collectives, movements, associations, artists – that, in recent years, have been involved in the reappropriation, redefinition and regeneration of public space, using the medium of urban art and its various declinations, promoting alternative practices of intervention, contributing to the construction of a collective identity.


Lumen is a pole of cultural attraction, born from the work of APS “Icchè Ci Vah Ci Vole” and many other associations to propose an alternative of sociality and inclusiveness. Lumen is an open, autonomous, sustainable place, an area dedicated to the co-design and protection of urban green.
Lumen was born with an unprecedented legal form, marking a precedent for the national associative history. For this reason it is important to talk about it! The commitment and enthusiasm of those who have been part of it are the necessary precondition for the transfer of innovative practices, regenerative and, above all, possible to change our city!



Via Palazzuolo 74ar
 50123, Firenze (FI)


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