Out of time

Out of time

March 1, 2019 – March  31, 2019

“Out of Time” is the mural work by Zed1 inaugurated on April 12, 2019 at the ex-Ilva steelworks complex in the city of Follonica (GR). The work, according to the poetics of the artist from Certaldo, represents an invitation to enthusiastically cultivate personal curiosity and learning, subtracting one’s life from the rigid temporal rhythms that characterize contemporaneity.

The work of Zed1 is a universal warning, the inscription of an inviolable human principle: the right to time, the only real good we possess. Like other works of the artist, “Out of time” insists on the question of the reappropriation of life by each person, to the detriment of all the little things that daily violate its rhythm and interfere with the private, intimate and autonomous dimension of reality.

The subject of the work is a little girl lying on a pillow in the branches of a tree, stroking the cat next to her with one hand and holding a book in the other. Immersed in reading, she explores fantastic worlds with her imagination, escaping from the schedules to which we are exposed every day in today’s world. As proof of this concept, that the artist cares deeply about, the work shows in the foreground a large alarm clock broken by a hammer that is still inside it, as if to remind everyone, adults and children alike, that study and cultural enrichment can not and must not be dominated by the time of duty and the hurry of routine.



Comprensorio ex ILVA 58022, Follonica (GR)


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