Rifugio universo

Rifugio Universo

June 13 2024

Rifugio universo” is a theatrical space within the Osteria Social Club residential complex, located on Via dell’Osteria in Florence, in the Le Piagge neighborhood. The project was promoted by Abitare Toscana and curated by Street Levels Gallery.

Lisa Gelli’s work is designed as a journey rather than a standalone piece, beginning with the practice of listening to the community that the project serves. The artist immersed herself in the social context of the neighborhood, inviting the community to participate in a creative workshop and engaging with those who truly live in the area daily. During the interactive sessions with the artist the participants had the opportunity to express themselves by exploring the concept of “refuge” through a color, an object, or an animal that evoked for themself a sense of shelter and feeling at home.

The initiative also involved children, who were invited to freely paint the walls of the space and imagine a character inhabiting it; this emphasized the importance of the environment, envisioned to become a theatrical space for daily use.

“Rifugio universo” is a work that attracts not only for its vividness but also for its purpose: to become a place of communion, social interaction, and culture for the residents of the neighborhood.

The artist created an open-air theater; here, the children’s drawings interact with botanical, marine, and astral references, rendered as large theatrical backdrops. The vibrancy of the painting, brought to life by color, is further amplified by zoomorphic figures, animal guardians of the theater placed on the side walls like theatrical masks.



Via dell’Osteria, Le Piagge, 50145 Firenze (FI), Italia


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