Hands working, faces telling distant stories, bodies gathered in the solitude of waiting. The authentic subjects of RUN resist the noise of the unnecessary in a last attempt to recognize themselves.


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About RUN

There is no time and space in RUN existential painting, for those who know his intimate artistic research.

An investigation that transcends eras, cultures and the most archaic rituals to recreate a naked poetics of the human being reduced to its most primal meanings. The primitive somatic features, the discrete and everyday poses, the androgynous profiles collected in delicate and floating weaves, a reflective grammar of gestures, the expressive use of everyday colors, the irreducible shades of white and black.

The familiarity of collective memory becomes the only divisible premise of communicability: with his anthropological scenography, RUN tells of the inconsistency of the here and now, of the contingent. With his metaphysical tension, RUN returns a pictorial narrative to that unbearable lightness of being that each individual has touched, embraced or painfully rejected in his solitude.

© Asia neri

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