Sea Creative


Sea Creative

Sea Creative is the father of a family tree that resembles itself. Sons and daughters belong to him in the moment of artistic conception, and then find their own identity, inhabiting and designating different places, surfaces and worlds.


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About Sea Creative

Fabrizio Sarti was born in Varese in 1977, but it was only in 2000 that he started the Sea Creative project, an artistic production that combines street art, murals, illustration, painting and graphic design.

The 9 children of Sea are awkward characters with lost and confused facial expressions, with a sometimes grotesque touch and a vaguely surreal atmosphere. Faces and half-busts play with previous architectures establishing themselves as a comic synthesis of his inner landscape and metropolitan inputs.

Sea Creative seeks new interpretive approaches and desires a response that is therapeutic for the artist himself and emotional for the viewer. As in a mathematical equation, the viewer stands for the concrete manifestation of his own feelings, just as the artist’s work stands for the materialization of his own consciousness.

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