The iconic tree of Stelleconfuse represents the synthesis of his artistic history, a story that begins with the impossibility of expressing the artist’s imagination through written words. It is an extreme synthesis of a tale that embraces an entire universe made of ideas.


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About Stelleconfuse

Considered one of Italy’s main sticker artists, Stelleconfuse started his artistic propaganda project “Plant a Tree” 17 years ago, a long artistic journey that allowed him to explore underground art in all its forms.

For Stelleconfuse, street art is an artistic expression that differs from traditional art in its support and underlying intent; the desire to share a message, an idea, or an emotion that does not always follow society’s rules. Stelleconfuse’s artistic project mainly develops through urban media, used as a means to convey his ecological and cultural messages, always respecting the historical and artistic context in which his works are inserted.

While some may consider the illegal nature of this practice a form of vandalism, for the artist, street art serves as an accomplice in pointing out decay rather than creating it, and by decay, he refers not only to neglect and defacement but also to the invasion of commercial logos that overtake the historic centers of cities.

Stelleconfuse’s project has reached the walls of all major European cities and has been further disseminated worldwide through his stickers and posters.

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