The Pagemaster

The Pagemaster

March 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019

On the wall of the Biblioteca Comunale Della Ghisa in Follonica (GR), the mural of Exit Enter was inaugurated on April 12, 2019, as part of the exhibition “Urban Art City” by Street Levels Gallery. Considering that it is a library wall, Exit Enter decided to pay homage to the film from 1994 from which the artist himself borrowed his name: “Pagemaster – L’avventura meravigliosa”. Pagemaster, the magical guardian of written words, guides the film’s protagonist, a child, through three trials that lead him to the library’s exit, marked by the green EXIT sign. The three trials catapult the child into three different books: the horror story, the fantasy novel and the classic adventure.

“Fiction from A to Z, where anything is possible; where a child’s imagination can take root and grow to the unimaginable; where a child’s courage is like the wind that drives him to new discoveries; and where your journey begins. To find your way back home, you must pass 3 tests: Horror, Adventure and Fantasy. When in doubt, ask the books for advice!”

Exit Enter has created three imaginary windows on the wall, opening onto many fantastic worlds inspired by the three books mentioned in the film. The narrative is connected by the characteristic symbols of Exit Enter’s urban language in black and white, a composition of cryptic signs and ancestral symbols that recall the typical tangle of urban landscapes, telling stories and evoking images. The geometries, architectures and semiotic compositions are inspired by the typical embroideries of the cast iron works preserved in the MAGMA Museum, located in the same complex as the library and a symbol of the industrial tradition of the city.



Comprensorio ex ILVA 58022, Follonica (GR)


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