URBANSCAPES #4 – Three Faces

URBANSCAPES #4 - Three Faces

April 22, 2022

For the fourth appointment of URBANSCAPES, Street Levels Gallery and A Testa Alta E.T.S. hosted Three Faces, with an interesting overview of their activities, from the StreetBook Magazine project to the new cultural space C4 – Centro di Contaminazione Creativa e Culturale opened in February 2022.
StreetBook Magazine is their most enduring editorial project, a magazine of stories and graphics that tells the urban scene in Florence and the artists who live there.
The cultural space C4 – Centro di Contaminazione Creativa e Culturale wants to establish itself as a place of reference for training, cultural promotion and socialization. 

Between publishing, art and culture, this episode deals with the theme of confrontation and exchange between the public, creatives and cultural spaces and the importance of this dialogue for the future of our city.

URBANSCAPES is the new divulgative format that Street Levels Gallery and the association A Testa Alta dedicate to the story of the Florentine cultural ecosystem. A window that opens on all the local organizations – collectives, movements, associations, artists – that, in recent years, have been involved in the reappropriation, redefinition and regeneration of public space, using the medium of urban art and its various declinations, promoting alternative practices of intervention, contributing to the construction of a collective identity.
The city as a common good is the premise that unites the guests presented during the various talks, the point from which to explore the changes that affect the present and the future of our cities.

Three Faces

Three Faces is a cultural association that deals with cultural promotion, with a focus on literary and visual art. Volunteers organize, events, exhibitions, meetings with authors and artists with the goal of activating citizen participation and a broader sense of community.

StreetBook Magazine 

StreetBook Magazine is their editorial project, a sort of representation of an imaginary but possible city! Streets, views and stories give back to the reader many facets of the city of Florence, paying particular attention to urban art and its cultural and social relevance. 


C4 is their new operational headquarters, the place where the distinctive features of Three Faces take on a new physicality, a concrete opportunity for citizens, artists, creatives and operators to meet. 



Via Palazzuolo 74ar
 50123, Firenze (FI)


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