Tra Terra e Cielo

Tra Terra e Cielo

May 20, 2023

On the 20th of May the project Tra Terra e Cielo ended; it was coordinated by Street Levels Gallery and made by the artist Nian. The artist was involved in the creation of a mural and in a series of creative seeding workshops for children made in Piazzetta San Sepolcro (Isolotto) in the District 4 of Florence.
The mural represents an imposing female body twisted into the soft log of a tree.
This work belongs to a project of great social and cultural value, and represents an important contribution to the enhancement of the urban heritage and the promotion of Urban Art in the city of Florence.

The lower limbs are anchored to the earth, symbolizing the deep root and the bond with nature, while the upper limbs hover in a dynamic upward movement, representing the human aspiration towards spirituality and harmony.

The work, which has already become a symbol for District 4, invites the community to think upon the relationship between nature and humanity and to reason over the responsibility of maintaining and valuing the environment in which we live.



Piazzetta Sansepolcro, 50142 Firenze (FI)Italia


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