Via Rocca Tedalda

Via Rocca Tedalda

January 6, 2020 – February 6, 2020

On February 6, 2020, Street Levels Gallery inaugurated its new public art project in Via Rocca Tedalda for the Rovezzano neighborhood of Florence. The wall, created in collaboration with Casa Spa, is promoted as part of the Festival dei Diritti, a series of events held every year in Tuscany to celebrate the abolition of the death penalty.Basik and Run are the artists invited by our gallery to address and intervene on the structure of the wall, taking up a theme that is essential to the history of our country and, more broadly, of all humanity.

The rights that are recognized today are the result of a hard-earned journey, conquered through struggles, resistance and convergence of intentions.

Basik and Run were able to integrate themselves into the operational area with great cohesion. The proximity to a boxing gym, a significant meeting place for the neighborhood, provided a crucial condition for contact with the local community. The challenge, the competition, the bare-knuckle fight in the ring stimulated the imagination of the two artists and contributed to the development of the visual content of the work and to the conduction of their first collaboration as a duo. The result is a contaminated translation of their respective aesthetics put at the service of this site-specific project. The wall in Via Rocca Tedalda is conceived as a collective re-conceptualization that touches on the socially relevant theme of historical memory, while addressing the activism of a peripheral urban reality that is sometimes forgotten but has a strong driving force.



Via di Rocca Tedalda 50136, Firenze (FI)


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