Lisa Gelli


Lisa Gelli

Her murals are conceived as a
journey rather than a standalone work, starting
with the practice of listening.



About Lisa Gelli

Born in Empoli in 1983, Lisa Gelli is a visual artist active in Florence. She works as an illustrator, art director, and muralist.

Her experience with communication agencies, publishing houses, theater companies, and design firms has shaped her career, steering it towards the dreamlike and devoted to color.

Her watercolor and immediate style attracts the observer, both for the lively combination of colors and for the suspended, dreamlike atmosphere. Her characters float in a world dominated by a more or less fluid brushstroke of vivid color, defining an entire aesthetic universe.

For the artist, the work is a journey to be undertaken through dialogue and mutual listening, influenced by the context and the daily experiences of each individual.

Lisa Gelli draws strength from her versatility; her mural works stand out for their communicative complexity, with many colors, references, and elements, combined with a research for communion and sociality with the audience.

In 2010, Lisa was selected for the Ars in Fabula Master program. Finalist in numerous illustration competitions, since 2012 she has exhibited in collective illustration shows, participated in personal and collective projects that straddle illustration, performance, and artist books. She is also part of the illustration collective Le Vanvere and is the organizer and co-art director of Ratatà, a festival of comics, drawing, illustration and independent publishing in Macerata.

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