Other Colors – Art, inclusion and diversity

Other Colors - Art, inclusion and diversity

June 7, 2021 – June 12, 2021

From June 7 to 12, Street Levels Gallery has been working on Altri Colori (Other Colors), a project dedicated to the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. The mural, born from the collaboration with Arcigay Firenze Altre Sponde, was realized on the occasion of the Pride Month of June 2021 with the intent to raise awareness, claiming the principles of openness, respect and equality. The visual artist Luchadora has been designated by Street Levels Gallery as a sharp and decisive interpreter, able to communicate with immediacy sensitive issues, content and information. The sensitivity shown in the course of her career towards dynamics of social matrix becomes functional in order to realize an innovative work for the urban fabric of Florence.

Urban art serves the community. The culture of respect and celebration of other colors finds concrete expression on a physical wall to deconstruct the conceptual one of hate and emotional distance.

Through the universal language of visual art, “Other Colors” aims to convey messages of equality and inclusiveness, initiating a community co-design that is now necessary and indispensable in a context of serious difficulties such as that currently experienced by the global citizenship.
Throughout her autobiographical journey, Luchadora has always shown great attention to social dynamics. Her work, in fact, reflects a great drive towards experimentation, innovation and curiosity: graphic illustrations, poster art, urban interventions and painting are just some of the disciplines the artist has investigated and explored in the soft forms of her sujets. Luchadora’s versatility constitutes an intimate and empathic key to interpretation, capable of sensitively addressing fragile social issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation.



Via dell’ Olmatello 116 50127, Firenze (FI)


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