Traceurs. Art du déplacement e spazi sospesi

Traceurs. Art du Déplacement e spazi sospesi

March 31, 2023

The second season of URBANSCAPES, the program that investigates possible and unpredictable relationships with public space, is back.
On Friday, March 31, we discussed the theme of the trace and the encounter between the human body and the body of the city and for the appointment Traceurs. Art du déplacement and suspended spaces we hosted Antonio Gallizzo, Paolo Serlupi and Taulant Halilaj of ADD Academy Firenze to rethink our relationship with metropolitan spaces according to the practice of art du déplacement, better known as parkour.

Together with them there was Giulia Maraviglia of Sociolab Ricerca Sociale, a sociologist who works on facilitating participatory pathways on urban planning, public space design and new models of collaborative living. Giulia presented Suspended Spaces. In Between, the project conceived for Piazza Dalla Piccola (Novoli) with which Sociolab has partnered with the Fondazione Architetti di Firenze and the Ground Zero studio to create a temporary installation and a series of immersive experiences with which to ‘photograph’ the trace left by passers-by in crossing the place.

At the end of the talk, we moved to Piazza Santa Maria Novella for a performance by Add Academy practitioners who showed us how apparent limitations imposed by objects or street furniture can be transformed into handholds and obstacles to overcome, and to get a closer look at the relationship between the body, urban microarchitectures and space mapping. 


URBANSCAPES is a tool for investigating transformations affecting public space. Through the practices of reappropriation and re-signification pursued by those who inhabit the urban fabric, the series aims to invite us to rethink our posture and our relationship with the body of the city by delving into the experience of collectives, movements, third sector entities, projects, and artists who promote alternative codes of interaction to those predetermined. Can participation in the life of the city free itself from the binding superstructures of consumption and decorum? What other relationships are possible with public space? With the second editions of URBANSCAPES, Street Levels Gallery and A Testa Alta E.T.S. intend to continue this conversation by combining the talk tool with performances, audio walks, urban treks, sit-ins and participatory experiences to propose unpredictable encounters with the city ecosystem.

Giulia Maraviglia

Sociologist expert on participation in urban planning, urban regeneration and smart cities. She is particularly involved in designing, leading and facilitating participatory pathways on urban planning and land governance, redevelopment and design of public space and new models of collaborative living.

Sociolab Ricerca Sociale

Sociolab is a cooperative and social enterprise specializing in social policy research and consulting in the areas of participation, collaborative planning, conflict mediation and facilitation, social research, socio-economic analysis, training and communication.  

ADD Academy Firenze

The association was founded in Florence in 2010 by the will and need of Overcome Crew. The first Add/Parkour association that was born in the Florentine territory and took the name “Parkour Firenze”. The members of Overcome thus begin this path of teaching in a spontaneous way to respond to the continuous request from many kids to participate in training. In 2015, the association became an Add Academy, a school of Add (art du déplacement) linked precisely to the Yamakasi founders. The ‘association has been holding weekly classes for adults, teens and children for years now, is committed to the dissemination of the discipline, the dissemination of the right values and is active in the area by every means available: from weekly classes to summer events, from performances to participation in sports festivals and events in collaboration with the municipality and various kinds.



Via Palazzuolo 74ar
 50123, Firenze (FI)


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