Unity Wanted Vol.2

Exactly 5 years after the first opening on December 17, 2016, Street Levels Gallery invites all citizens to celebrate the reopening of the space in Via Palazzuolo 74AR with Unity Wanted Vol.2.
The group exhibition gathers 27 artists from the local and international urban scene: muralists and subverters, interventionists and illustrators, graphic designers and painters are called to assert the identity of a culture, that of urban art. Radically distant in their expressiveness and tirelessly united in their research, they respond to a common need to intervene, to make proposals, to disrupt public space. nity Wanted Vol.2 raises a provocation and welcomes the paradox.

How can such a liquid and ephemeral art movement exist and, more importantly, endure?

Since 2016, Street Levels Gallery has been revolving around this question, investigating the levels of interaction of public art together with its insiders. Reflection is the weapon of choice to respond to the mission of urban regeneration; with Unity Wanted Vol.2, the urgency of confrontation with the actors who inhabit the city is claimed. In these 5 years, Street Levels Gallery has become a node, a space of reference, a street you always cross when you come home. The group exhibition celebrates the history of this path and at the same time inaugurates a new phase, more mature, conscious and determined.



Via Palazzuolo 74ar
 50123, Firenze (FI)


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